Loading and Unloading filament on the Raise3d

To unload and load filament on the Raise3D N2 printer, you can follow these general steps, which are adapted from the guidelines provided in the Raise3D Support Center:

Loading Filament:

  1. Prepare the Printer: Open the side door of the printer and install the filament spool holder(s) at the designated mounting point(s). Ensure the filament spools are placed correctly depending on their designated points to ensure proper rotation.
  2. Set the Nozzle Temperature: Go to the “Utilities” tab on the printer’s screen and set the nozzle temperature to the appropriate level for the filament you are using. For PLA, a common temperature is around 215℃, but this might vary slightly based on the filament type.
  3. Load the Filament: Once the nozzle reaches the target temperature, select “Load” on the screen. Guide the filament through the guide tube and into the extruder until it is grasped by the feeding gear. Wait until you see the filament being extruded evenly from the nozzle, then confirm the process is complete.

Unloading Filament:

  1. Preparation: Before unloading, ensure any ongoing print jobs are completed or paused. Access the “Utilities” tab again.
  2. Heat the Nozzle: Set the nozzle to an appropriate temperature for unloading, similar to the loading temperature. Select “Unload” once the nozzle is heated.
  3. Unload the Filament: The printer will pre-extrude any remaining filament for a few seconds and then begin to retract the filament. Wait for the filament to be fully retracted from the extruder.
  4. Store the Filament: After unloading, remove the filament from the guide tube and the spool holder. Secure the filament end to prevent it from tangling.

It’s important to handle the filament and printer components carefully during both loading and unloading processes to avoid damage or jams. Also, make sure to follow any specific instructions or temperature settings recommended for the particular filament type you are using.

For detailed instructions and images, consider referring to the Raise3D support documents directly:

  • For loading and unloading instructions similar to the Pro2 series, you can visit Raise3D Pro2 Series Filament Handling.
  • For guidance more aligned with the Pro3 series, check out Raise3D Pro3 Series Filament Handling.
  • Although these guides are for the Pro2 and Pro3 series, the steps are generally applicable to the N2 series as well, but always refer to your printer’s specific manual for the most accurate instructions.